penis extensions

To enlarge the penis, men choose penis accessories - a convenient way to quickly get what they want. The variety of such toys is great, they will add additional variety to your intimate life.

silicone penis accessory

What are magnifiers for?

Penis sleeves are intimate toys that simulate an enlarged penis.

They won't change the length or volume themselves, but will instantly add the necessary centimeters. Made with hypoallergenic materials: latex, silicone. Easy to clean, no special skills required to use.

What are they used for? There are several reasons:

  1. Even a simple attachment to the phallus will provide instant elongation and enlargement of the intimate organ, which affects the man's psychological state.
  2. Toys with additional options (ribbed surface, pimples, twigs to stimulate the clitoris, vibration) will add variety and novelty to your sex life.
  3. Reducing penile sensitivity will prolong intercourse.

Types of Extension Cables

The ancestor of the tips to enlarge the penis was an artificial phallus used in intimate games. Soon, sex toy makers realized that a pillow, into which a man can insert his penis, in order to have full intercourse, is much more functional. That's how the development of this direction began.


Classic accessories designed to enlarge the penis by several centimeters - from 5 to 20. Extensions are sold at any sex shop, made of soft latex that mimics natural skin. Using them gives new sensations to men and women.

closed penis

Open mind

Unlike the extension accessory, they are designed to increase the volume of the penis. Placed at the base of the penis, leaving the glans open. Sensitivity is not reduced, but a tight ring at the base will also prolong intimacy. Almost all have a relief surface - an added stimulus for the woman.

with vibrator

The main function is to provide pleasure with various vibrator speed modes. The device itself can be found:

  • at the base;
  • at the end;
  • around the perimeter.

Vibratory accessory power supply from a battery or accumulator.

Embossed surface

Unlike single points, where the ribbed surface does not play the role of an additional stimulator, this one showed pronounced changes in relief. They are usually long or large:

carved penis accessories
  • antennas;
  • balloons;
  • thorns;
  • spines or combinations thereof.

This surface provides close contact between the nipple and the vagina, which increases the woman's sensations during sex. Vibrators can be added for additional stimulation.


They are performed from cybernetic skin, visually similar to a real penis, including protruding veins, head folds, frenulum.


Open penis mouthpiece to increase penis volume. Designed to stimulate a man if the relief is located on the inner surface, a woman - on the outside. They can mimic a natural penis or be transparent.

Fully including a member

A classic accessory, in which the penis is fully placed, is fixed to its base. They are engraved or mimic the structure of the organ - the head, the frenulum, the venous grooves. Usually made from soft, stretchy materials. Some models have a length adjustment.

cock rings

They are intended not so much for lengthening or enlarging the penis, but for a variety of intimate relationships:

cock rings
  • simple - no devices, put on or under head;
  • with vibration - increase stimulation of the clitoris, vagina or anus ring, which increases the partner's orgasm, and the man can prolong intercourse by controlling ejaculation;
  • with tweezers - some erection rings are equipped with special accessories that, when placed at the base of the scrotum, compress the spermatic cords, delaying ejaculation.

For double penetration

These are attachments with an additional second phallus. Fixation in the scrotum for anal vaginal penetration. It is recommended to use it for couples who want to bring new things to their relationship but are not willing to attract others.

To stimulate the clitoris

With spike at the base, designed to stimulate the clitoris during sexual intercourse. Some models are equipped with a vibrator.


They have a dense silicone skeleton, recommended for men with sexual dysfunction. Allow you to get a long, full erection even with a complete lack of erection.

Despite the variety of penile accessories, some men make these products themselves from improvised means and materials, on which their quality, function and shelf life depend.

Instructions for use

Each product in the kit has detailed instructions for use.

Standard rules of use.

  1. Before using the absorbent pad for the first time, it should be washed with soap and water and rinsed with warm water.
  2. The edge of the beak is carefully rolled, twisted (like a condom) and secured to the head.
  3. Extend it along the length of the penis, at the end place a restrictor ring.

Care after application - wash in warm soapy water, if necessary treated with an antiseptic. Before dressing, it is recommended to lubricate the penis with talcum powder, and the accessory itself - with a lubricating lubricant. As with all personal care products, the toy should not be passed on to strangers.

There are contraindications

Penis enlargement nipples do not have clear contraindications, but there are several restrictions and situations where their use is not recommended.

  1. Anal sex. The use of toys, especially with tips or antennae, can cause lesions in the mucous membrane of the anus, tears, cracks. This will cause painful sensations, bleeding and can cause serious infectious and pathological illnesses.
  2. Usage time. Attachments have a locking ring for attachment; they compress the veins or arteries in the penis. It is dangerous with the appearance of bruises, blood stagnation (in severe cases, tissue necrosis), cardiovascular and intimal pathologies. Therefore, it is not recommended to exceed the usage time specified in the instructions.
  3. Cardiovascular diseases. Cardiac pathologies, especially those caused by an increase in the number of platelets in the blood, are indirect contraindications. Your presence does not cancel, but you recommend avoiding the use of toys.
  4. Allergic reactions. They may appear after use, express themselves in skin rash, redness of the skin of the penis, a burning sensation, irritation. Such phenomena are characteristic of cheap counterfeit nozzles made of poor quality materials.

Pros and cons

If you believe men's criticisms, they don't often resort to these sex toys. This dislike is explained in a simple way: by putting on an extension, the man admits that his penis is insufficient in size.

However, this psychological barrier is completely absent in couples whose relationship is strong, trusting, or who want to diversify their sex in every way possible.

It's easy to remove the negative attitude towards the accessory: have a variety of sexual devices, alternative entertainment, games, don't use the accessory too often.

Girls are usually satisfied. Sex with a penis accessory will give new sensations and emotions, making room for imagination.

Of course, you can enlarge your penis naturally: with creams, massages, a pump, or emergency measures - surgery. However, a sex toy will do this faster and, most importantly, it's absolutely safe.