Penis Enlargement Methods

a man looks at a penis and wants to make it bigger

Many men around the world ask themselves: "how to increase the penis and masculinity"? Strange, but it is believed that the length of the penis plays a very important role in a man's sex life. Men reluctantly lie under the knife only to be known as sex giants. Most penis enlargement methods have proved not only useless but also very harmful.

A healthy man has long been mutilated in various complicated ways by healers and aesculapians. Today's medicine, of course not medieval, has empirically invented several really effective ways to enlarge the penis. Today, the question of how to increase a member has several answers. A man must approach such an important moment more than seriously. After thoroughly researching the problem and the procedure itself with your doctor, you need to understand that you cannot return anything. There are several ways to enlarge the penis that really work in our times. But think if they are right for you?

natural method through massage

Massage in the question of how to enlarge the penis, the safest and most painless method. It is true that, to a greater extent, however, like others, it mainly aims to correct the curvature of the penis. A curved penis sometimes causes many inconveniences for both men and women. But if we talk about an increase in the length and circumference of the penis by the massage method, then we can say that only a man with willpower and a strong character will achieve the effect. After all, the massage procedure can be delayed because the effect will only be visible after several years of diligent daily practice. Statistics show that penis enlargement by massage is an effective method and allows you to increase the length of up to 1-2 centimeters and up to one centimeter in circumference. For massage, nothing is needed except massage oil or cream. Well, and experienced hands, of course. But it is necessary to be patient, because in this case the massage will be quite tiring.


This surgery is similar to plastic surgery. Subcutaneous fat taken from any suitable part of the body is injected into the penis. In some cases, surgery is performed on the ligaments that support the penis. The consequences of such an operation are not very favorable. Suture scars remain on the penis. The surgical method is the most expensive and painful.

You are lost? Do not freak out!

There are many methods, but some of them work after years, while others are very painful and incredibly expensive. But today the most beautiful alternative to all existing methods has been invented. This is a special device to enlarge the penis. The device is recognized by doctors and is recommended to enhance male dignity. The result of use will be visible in the second month after starting use.